BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange
BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange
BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange
BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange
BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange

BN2161B 2017 prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange

Prada City Canvas Tote Bag BN2161B Orange
Size: W37 x H27 x D17cm
- Canvas and Calfskin leather
- double handle
- detachable shoulder strap
- brass hardware
- metal lettering logo on leather triangle
- zipper closure
- two inside pockets
- Prada ...

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