BL5018 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow
BL5018 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow
BL5018 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow
BL5018 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow

BL5018 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow

Prada Saffiano Leather Medium Tote Bag BL5018 Grey&Yellow
Size: W35 x H28 x D12cm
- saffiano calfskin leather bag
- Double handle
- Gold-plated hardware
- Metal lettering logo on leather triangle
- Spring hinge closure
- Prada Fabric lining

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Tag : new PRADA Outlet BT0784BGL BT0784 Blue with Gold full leather

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