BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon
BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon
BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon
BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon
BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon

BL0809 2017 prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon

Prada Saffiano Leather Small Tote Bag BL0809 Lemon
Size: W28 x H22 x D12cm
- saffiano calfskin leather bag
- Double handle
- Gold-plated hardware
- Metal lettering logo on leather triangle
- Spring hinge closure
- Prada Fabric lining
Product ID: BL0809...

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