BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach
BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach
BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach
BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach
BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach

BN1786 Fashion 2017 prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach

Fashion Prada Denim with Saffiano Tote Bags BN1786 Peach
Size: L38 x H23 x D12.5cm
- denim tote with saffiano calf leather details
- double handle
- two outside pockets with zippers
- brass hardware
- enamel triangle logo
- snap closure
- three inside ...

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