BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin
BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin
BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin
BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin
BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin

BN2098DGS BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin

BN2098 Dusty grey Sheepskin
Size: W38 x H34.5 x D18cm
- Material: Sheepskin
Product ID: BN2098DGS
Color: Dusty grey
Each Prada comes with a serial number, Prada dust cover,Prada care booklet and Prada card. All markings and accessories are exact


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