BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather
BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather
BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather
BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather
BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather

BN2081BOW BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather

BN2081 Black Oil-wax leather
Size: W35 x H15 x D28cm
- Material: Oil-wax leather
Product ID: BN2081BOW
Color: BLACK
Each Prada comes with a serial number, Prada dust cover,Prada care booklet and Prada card. All markings and accessories are exact


prada repair center

Tag : PRADA red bag Outlet BT0784SGL BT0784 Silver with Green full leather

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