2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag
2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag
2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag
2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag
2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag

2017 prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 Hand Bag

Prada Top Handle BL0804-BBE-F0036 HandBag
Size: 13.39" x 9.06" x 4.92"
- 2 Way Zip Starting into Main Compartment
- 2 Pockets Inside with Zip
- 2 Pockets Outside
- Zipper Closing
- Double Padded Handle
Procut ID: BL0804

Prada Top Handle BL0804...

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