16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue
16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue
16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue
16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue
16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue

16625M 2017 prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue

Prada Medium Croco Leather Tote Bag Blue
Size: W35 x H26 x D15cm
- Croco veins calf leather tote
- double handle
- gold-plated hardware
- Croco calf leather triangle logo with metal lettering
- side snap closure
- two outside pockets with zipper closure

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